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As a business coach working with businesses, nonprofit organizations, and the US government, Joe works initially with the owner or executive director. He evaluates the five key components of their business:

  • The quality and demand of their product.
  • The effectiveness of their business operations.
  • The effectiveness of the leader or owner.
  • The quality and effectiveness of their employees.
  • The annual and long-term business plan.

Following Joe’s initial evaluation, he develops a business plan that best suits the needs and demands of your business…This business plan may include one or more of several different options:

  • Training, consultation, and personal development for leaders of companies and nonprofit organizations.
  • Developing high-performance teams in a variety of businesses and organizations.
  • Creating safe, healthy, and nurturing work environments that promote increased employee satisfaction and performance.
  • Teaching all employees…management and non-management…to utilize whole brain learning and thinking, improving productivity, communication, efficiency, and effectiveness.

What is His Approach?

Brain Dominance: The Key to Exceptional Leaders and Outstanding Employees:

All leaders and employees are not created equal…Some seem naturally gifted and successful…Others are stressed out and struggle to manage even the day-to-day operations of their business or position.

Fortunately, there is a way to identify the missing ingredients that impede success in today’s most challenging markets…Brain dominance.

What is brain dominance?

Brain dominance is based on a four-quadrant model…Each quadrant has a unique set of skills…logic and decision making; organization and planning; vision, and creativity; and interpersonal relations.

Every individual possesses an inherited dominance in a particular quadrant that dictates their natural skills and abilities.  People who can successfully utilize all four quadrants of the brain are more confident, effective and efficient than their peers. They are also happier, healthier, and less stressed, in both their personal and professional lives.

Why does it work?

Every person possesses an inherited brain dominance profile…The most successful leaders and employees are able to utilize all four quadrants of the brain…But…only 5% percent of people are able to accomplish whole brain dominance, 15% use three quadrants of the brain, and 80% can only use one or two quadrants.

Now you can begin to understand why certain managers, leaders and employees complain about people in the office, for not “pulling their weight, not completing tasks assigned to them,” or “they have no organizational skills.”

What is the solution?

Joe has conducted over 6000 brain dominance assessments of individuals in both the private and public sector. This experience, combined with over 20 years of helping businesses and nonprofit organizations develop high-performance teams, have allowed Joe to create a set of strategies to teach people how to use all four quadrants of their brain.

Leaders who develop these skills ensure the continuous growth of their companies and improve their services, products, and profits. Whole brain employees, who are placed in positions that are aligned with their natural brain profiles, have less stress and are more efficient, productive, happier, and healthier, than other employees.

Contact Joe to schedule your free, introductory consultation, to learn how he can help your business, or how you can enroll in one of his upcoming leadership and executive staff training seminars.

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