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As a business coach for-profits, nonprofits, and the US government, Joseph Schechtman works initially with the owner or executive director. He evaluates the five key components of their business’s.

Private Counseling

The “Winning With Youth” program is based on over 30 years of Mr. Joseph Schechtman’s work with aggressive and acting-out youth.


Utilizes a comprehensive approach that incorporates energy healing, Brain Gym, and traditional therapies.

Recent News


MY EXPERIENCE ELIMINATING THE LASTING EFFECTS OF COVID WITH JOSEPH SCHECHTMAN I am a breadwinner of a family of 5. My family has been very conscious of this pandemic and…read more

Spencer P. Tremblay, MSA

I completed Joe’s program and can honestly say it changed and improved my personal and professional life! He is an amazing coach. He introduced and taught me how to use…read more

Jennie E.

Joe is a fantastic coach allowing me to explore my emotions, working style, creativity and energy. I have honed to what I might call “perfection” and am organizing my day…read more

Ruth Clegg

I hired Joe because I had heard numerous testimonials about Joe’s keen ability to evaluate a business and the personalities involved in a relatively short period of time. I completed…read more

Joseph DeAngelis

Sometimes business and professional challenges keep you up at night. Especially for attorneys engaged in the adversarial process, the legal profession can be a high stress occupation that adversely affects…read more

Casby Harrison

Joe is an extremely talented trainer. He has been an asset in developing our leadership team, facilitating high-performance teams throughout the school and expanding our knowledge of brain-compatible curriculum. Teachers are using his…read more

I have worked with Mr. Schechtman for the past fourteen years as Superintendent. Joe has great insights into working with challenging boards, parents, and staff. He has guided me through the…read more

You don't have to know "how" he does it, just know that it works. Joe's technique was a very healing experience and the finishing touch for overcoming years old negative…read more

Lorry Leigh Belhumeur, Ph.D.

Joseph is an absolute treasure. Personable and easy to work with, he is profoundly skilled at getting to the crux of the issues holding you back, quickly and effortlessly. His…read more

Charisse Sisou

I am thrilled to recommend Joe for business and personal development. I am amazed at how quickly he was able to help me lower my stress levels and be more…read more

Fontella Moody

My company hired Joseph Schechtman for an Effective Team Building process. This involved facilitating an outcomes based transition of team members into positions that involved more responsibility and to create…read more

Michelle Gonzalez

I met with Joe Schechtman for six one-hour sessions. Joe made every penny and every minute of that investment worth my while. I have always functioned using only half my…read more

Susan Morin

I sought Mr. Schechtman's advice in assessing the stresses of my professional and personal lives and was able to learn from his coaching to identify, target, and work through those…read more

Timothy M. Sweet, Esq.

It is not easy for me to put into words the impact Joe has had on my life. To people I care about, I say that he helped me get…read more

Kathleen Melton

When Joe Schechtman told me what he did, I knew he was the one for me! He is off the charts! What a beautiful and masterful soul he is! When…read more

Susan C. Boone

Joseph Schechtman was referred to me by a business coach. I was so inspired by my first conversation with Joe, that I put my business coaching on hold until I’d…read more

Sandy Parker

Joe is an outstanding energy healer and trauma expert. He is very skilled at stress reduction improving my performance at work and the quality of my personal life. He helps…read more

Tom Fisher

My business partner and, long time friend/colleague and I contacted Joe when we first incorporated. It was when we combined finances that all our own "baggage" came up. We did…read more

Pam Formosa

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