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Joseph Schechtman was referred to me by a business coach. I was so inspired by my first conversation with Joe, that I put my business coaching on hold until I’d finished my sessions with Joe. After all, why build a house or business on shifting sand? Joe is also a business coach. While there are numerous coaches who may be able to help you grow a business, Joe is the only business coach I found that could also help me resolve any personal issues that would interfere or compromise my performance on the job. One of his specialties is helping people eliminate their stress which affects every step along the way.

I thought it was a smart move to neutralize the trauma and stress that was pulling my energy away from the progress I was wanting. Little did I know what that outcome would be. As life has gone on during my nearly 60 years as a high driving, make it happen type person, I accumulated so much stress that Joe said he was surprised I hadn’t develop immune system problems. “Oh that?” I said. “I’ve been taking medicine for that for 19 years.” On top of that, add my need for overachiever status and you have a stress dynamic that is compromising my life. It’s not good for my health, my work, or my husband.

Think of the value of this. Where there were scratches on my soul’s hard drive, we neutralized. Where there were “scars” of real trauma, we healed, forgave, and restored. When my brain was off the charts on the right side where creativity and compassion live, that was not so on the left side. Joe is able to help people become whole brain thinkers and helped me expand my natural gifts for left brain thinking also. This is where decisions are made and processes are in place. No wonder I was having a hard time making decisions on my next career move and completing my daily priorities.

Not only did Joe’s work accelerate my brainpower, but he no doubt added years to my life, joy to my work, and clear thinking to my new career design. There is no telling how long it would’ve taken without Joe’s involvement. So in that regard it was one of the best cash investments I ever made.

Last but certainly not least, it’s hard to think of me first. I’m a natural caring person. But now I can save the world and save myself! For Joe: “I’m so grateful for you and the gifts you have to soothe and repair the wounded soul!

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