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My company hired Joseph Schechtman for an Effective Team Building process. This involved facilitating an outcomes based transition of team members into positions that involved more responsibility and to create a 9-month exit plan for me, as one of the partners. As you can image this was extremely complex work that engaged all employees as well as partners of the firm. It was also a process that wasn’t linear—people come with lots of bias and fears. Joseph helped us as a firm to assess our strengths, when those strengths were not serving the team or organization, and help us with all team members to more successfully face change. Overall, the firm made a lot of changes in personnel; aligning members into job functions that better suited their brain functions and or helping them find new work. I left the organization in 2012 confident that the team was in a better place, that those who worked with Joseph better understood their primary way of working and how to adapt to other ways of using their brains in a ‘whole way’. I highly recommend Josephs straightforward and enlightening tools to get teams to a better place. It will take time, but the return on investment– happier, collaborative, and more balanced team members–is worth it.”

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