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I am a breadwinner of a family of 5. My family has been very conscious of this pandemic and prudent in trying to avoid the virus. But just the same as many families this summer, COVID made it into our house. My wife and I and our teenage son all tested positive. Luckily my two young children did not contract the virus. I had it the worst, losing 19 pounds in 10 days, fevers, loss of taste and smell, and serious fatigue. We isolated for 3 weeks and were all healthy, but the lasting effects of the virus are more than just a physical strain on your immune system. Physical strain and fatigue, isolation, missing work, worry about infecting the others in your life, the stigma attached to being “the guy/family” with the virus and the guilt associated with having your family go through something like that causes major stress and trauma in life. The stress causes lasting fatigue, which causes more stress, and the trauma cycle goes on and on for much longer than the isolation and virus physically last. I worked with Joe Schechtman to break this vicious cycle a few weeks after the virus was out of our home. Joe helped me get through not just the lasting physical effects of the virus but the mental trauma that perpetuates these “symptoms”. Joe’s methods are outside the box and much different than the traditional ideas of “therapy”. He works on understanding on how to use your brain effectively to beat back the trauma and mental issues that make COVID so much more than just a virus. With just a few sessions I was able to break the cycle, getting rid of the nasty fatigue that plagued me for months and even gaining back weight and my sense of taste and smell. We all know COVID is dangerous physically, but what you don’t hear on TV is the danger of the mental trauma the virus wreaks on your life after you are “healthy”. For anyone who has had the unfortunate experience of contracting COVID, I would recommend speaking with Joe. With this pandemic we are all redefining the meaning of “normal”. Joe will help you define “normal” for yourself by making you feel exactly that…. like yourself again.

I completed Joe’s program and can honestly say it changed and improved my personal and professional life! He is an amazing coach. He introduced and taught me how to use all four quadrants of my brain.  Now I am more confident, effective, efficient with minimal stress and more productive.  Frankly I am happier and a better person because of Joe through my sessions with him.

Joe is a fantastic coach allowing me to explore my emotions, working style, creativity and energy. I have honed to what I might call “perfection” and am organizing my day according to what I do best at what time, clearly setting my goals, understanding my energy and emotions and finally accomplishing my goals and more! Nothing better than that!

I hired Joe because I had heard numerous testimonials about Joe’s keen ability to evaluate a business and the personalities involved in a relatively short period of time. I completed Joe’s course and employed his strategies at my business. I am happy to say that my staff is much more productive, effective and efficient than ever and I don’t have anywhere near the level of stress that I had prior to employing Joe. Joseph J. DeAngelis, Esq.

Sometimes business and professional challenges keep you up at night. Especially for attorneys engaged in the adversarial process, the legal profession can be a high stress occupation that adversely affects physical and mental health, as well as professional effectiveness. Joseph Schechtman’s 30 years of studying the brain and his business coaching abilities have helped me learn how to minimize stress and maximize efficiency and effectiveness. He has not only helped me become a more successful litigator, he has also worked with my staff to help me build a high performance legal team. Because of Joe, I am a more successful business owner.

Joe is an extremely talented trainer. He has been an asset in developing our leadership team, facilitating high-performance teams throughout the school and expanding our knowledge of brain-compatible curriculum. Teachers are using his strategies in almost every class.

I have worked with Mr. Schechtman for the past fourteen years as Superintendent. Joe has great insights into working with challenging boards, parents, and staff. He has guided me through the stressful times keeping me both mentally and physically healthy and focused. His ability to work with parents/teachers of autistic children is unparalleled to any program available to schools. Working with Joe is a must for all superintendents, boards, and special education departments.

You don’t have to know “how” he does it, just know that it works. Joe’s technique was a very healing experience and the finishing touch for overcoming years old negative thinking associated with past trauma. If you continue to experience obstacles related to your own self-talk, I highly recommend working with Joe to remove them once and for all.

Joseph is an absolute treasure. Personable and easy to work with, he is profoundly skilled at getting to the crux of the issues holding you back, quickly and effortlessly. His intuition will leave you breathless. He then gives you tangible exercises, in-session and between them, designed to release and heal the residue of trauma, negative beliefs and triggers, that are often the sole barrier between us and success. As a bonus, he’ll have you laughing as you do it! I can’t recommend him highly enough.

I am thrilled to recommend Joe for business and personal development. I am amazed at how quickly he was able to help me lower my stress levels and be more effective in my business. I was so impressed, that I hired him to work with my entire team and they loved him. I am looking forward to huge increases in sales and income.

My company hired Joseph Schechtman for an Effective Team Building process. This involved facilitating an outcomes based transition of team members into positions that involved more responsibility and to create a 9-month exit plan for me, as one of the partners. As you can image this was extremely complex work that engaged all employees as well as partners of the firm. It was also a process that wasn’t linear—people come with lots of bias and fears. Joseph helped us as a firm to assess our strengths, when those strengths were not serving the team or organization, and help us with all team members to more successfully face change. Overall, the firm made a lot of changes in personnel; aligning members into job functions that better suited their brain functions and or helping them find new work. I left the organization in 2012 confident that the team was in a better place, that those who worked with Joseph better understood their primary way of working and how to adapt to other ways of using their brains in a ‘whole way’. I highly recommend Josephs straightforward and enlightening tools to get teams to a better place. It will take time, but the return on investment– happier, collaborative, and more balanced team members–is worth it.”

I met with Joe Schechtman for six one-hour sessions. Joe made every penny and every minute of that investment worth my while. I have always functioned using only half my brain. With the tools that Joe uses through his counseling, coaching, and energy training, he was able to teach me how to utilize all four quadrants of my brain, in addition, he helped me work through trauma that even I did not know was still affecting my life. Anybody who uses the services Joe offers will be utterly amazed at his uncanny ability to tap into your energy field and understand your strengths and weaknesses better than you do. I would recommend Joe to anybody, who wants to learn how to utilize their full brain, become a better person and more successful in business, and their personal life, as well as, learn more about themselves.

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